We create innovative solutions in Human Capital management backed by 20 years of experience

Our Mission

Offer a comprehensive service that covers all stages of human capital management, to provide peace of mind to our customers and partners and promote a strong and lasting relationship between them.

Our Future

We want to be recognized by the Mexican business sector as the best strategic ally in human capital management.

Our Pillars

Dedication to our client

We offer personalized experiences based on detailed attention and a friendly and constant treatment.


We design and create tailored solutions that adapt to each of our clients’ requests.

Entrepreneurial Proactivity

We are always open to challenges and we develop meticulous work methods to meet them successfully.


Our processes and working methods are governed by high ethical standards that promote transparency, honesty and adherence to the laws.

Social Responsability

Some of the activities we do

Bank bottle caps

Collection and donation of caps to generate resources and support the treatment of children diagnosed with cancer.



Alliance with the company of Social Responsibility Ecofibers with the aim of recycling all our stationery that we no longer use, managing to participate with the environment and the trees that give us life.

Collect batteries with Monterrey

Collection of batteries, with the aim of preventing them from mixing with household waste, causing great contamination.

We have a wide variety of services, offering tailored solutions according to your needs.

Alignment of Personnel and Operations with the Strategy

In strategic planning, the objectives and tactics used to achieve them are established. For best results, these goals must be measurable and concrete, such as a total number of sales or a certain number of members. The strategic alignment of the organization leads to a better performance, also the appropriate strategies determine the recommended organizational structure.

Additionally, in order for the strategy to be effective, it must be communicated. Before it tended to be kept as a secret, but this is a mistake. At Soluciones Creativas, we understand the importance of communication to align human resources, managing to be directed as a unified set to the strategic objectives that the organization wants to achieve. In a single word, it is intended to have a unidirectionality towards strategic objectives.

In this context, the “evaluation of performance” and the alignment of compensations with performance compliance become other critical components of our service model. It is the basis for obtaining real results, enhancing the energy and commitment of the collaborators with the company’s objectives and identifying and promoting those competences and behaviors that constitute a contribution to the fulfillment of the objectives.