Employment Screening Services

We know how important it is for your business to be sure that the hired staff is the right one. Therefore, this work tool is a complement to our Recruitment and Selection service, however, it is also provided for those companies that seek support that frees their human resources department and allows them to focus on strategic activities of the deal.

Our Socio-economic Studies and Labor Investigations service can support you by obtaining reliable information that will guide your company towards better decision-making when hiring the right talent.

The service helps you in verifying the personal and employment background that the candidates mention in their recruitment process or when joining your company; this includes:

·         Medical Evaluation: We handle from basic to specialized packages depending on the needs of the position. In Mexico this is permitted by law.

·         Labor Investigation: Labor investigations are carried out as well as the history of the IMSS.

·         Socio-economic Study: We develop complete reports with photographs of the visit and all the information collected with the candidate. In Mexico this is permitted by law.

·         Thanks to the results provided by these services, we can help your company to detect various factors that can improve decision-making to hire someone, for an internal promotion or even to renew long-term contracts.

Contact our team of experts today to make a request for your socioeconomic studies package or any service related to outsourcing in Mexico.