NOM 035 – Psychosocial Risks

Diagnosis and Implementation of NOM-035 for Psychosocial Risks in Mexico

Psychosocial risks at work can have negative impacts on the company’s health and the collaborators’ productivity. At Soluciones Creativas we have a team of experts who can help carry out the necessary implementations to comply with the Mexican Norm.

The Official Mexican Norms (NOM) are one of the specific standards that structure risks in terms of safety and health; specifically the recent NOM-035. Psychosocial risk factors are defined as “those that can cause anxiety, non organic sleep-wake cycle, and severe stress and adaptation disorders”. The consequences are derived from the nature of the job functions, the type of work shift, and the exposure to severe traumatic events or acts of workplace violence to the worker, due to the work performed. For avoiding the sanctions related to the execution of the regulation, you can allow our group of experts to help you to a successful implementation of the policy and activities in your company.

Our service includes:

·         Support in the implementation and dissemination of prevention of psychosocial risk politics at the organizational level. 

·         Carrying out a situational diagnosis of the psychosocial risk factors and evaluation of the organizational environment in the company. 

·         Application of the surveys related to Norm 035. 

·         Delivery and documentation of results, where valuable information is sought on: Communication processes, Leadership style, Training and promotion, Job instability, Autonomy at work, Decision-making ability, Job motivation , Pressure at work, Shift work, Breaks and breaks at work, Work pace, Working hours, Interpersonal relationships, Perceived support, etc.

·         Delivery of a report of activities carried out by the client company regarding the follow-up of those cases with a high level of psychosocial risk.

We understand that the success of a company is based on the talent of its Human Capital, and that is why through 23 years of experience we have developed methodologies and processes to be considered an strategic ally and the best human capital management company in Mexico.