Psychometric Testing For Hiring

Psychometric testing is one of the most powerful ways to tap into the talent of your existing team and make sure you’re hiring the right people for the right roles. We know that at the heart of every business is the need to ensure that you hire the best talent available in the market to meet your goals. Therefore, part of our services include the application of Specialized Psychometric Examinations (psychometrics).

Our service provides you reliable tools that will allow greater efficiency as an achievement in your selection, evaluation and internal promotion processes for your collaborators.

Why are Psychometric Tests necessary?

Psychometric tests provide accurate information that simply cannot be obtained from other activities—such as interviews, phone referrals, reviewing CVs, and so on. Also, if used the right way, they are essential for an effective approach to talent management and development for your team and your employees. They also help you:

·         Be sure that adequate information can be obtained through the use of a scientific method to assess the cognitive ability and behavior patterns of a candidate.

·         Make the right decision when there is an internal promotion process, making sure to promote the right person for the new role.

·         Obtain valuable information to support the development of high potential staff.

·         Ensure the connection of soft skills between the candidate and the role to be filled.

Some of the tests we can perform:

·         CLEAVER (Personality). It allows us to identify the best candidate for a specific position, measuring job compatibility: the relationship between the behavior required by the position and the behavior exhibited by an individual aspiring to it.

·         TERMAN (IQ). It measures skills for decision making: Verbal ability, Numerical ability, Intellectual capacity, Planning, Organization, Analysis and Synthesis capacity, Compression, Abstraction, General culture, Concentration and Academic achievement.

·         ALLPORT (Values). The results of the Values ​​Study consist of obtaining six scores, one for each of the basic motivations: theoretical, economic, aesthetic, social, political and religious. The comparison between the scores in one and the other variables indicates how important each of these values ​​(or behavioral trends) is for the person.

·         KOSTICK (Personality). It is a Projective Test that predicts the behavior that the individual would have in the organizational field. Measures job aspects of personality, managerial styles, and job performance.

·         MOSS (Adaptability and social judgment). Social Adaptability Test for Managers and Executives. The attitudes of the evaluated are obtained as: Ability in supervision, Decision-making capacity in human relationships, Ability to evaluate interpersonal problems, Ability to establish interpersonal relationships, Common sense and Touch in interpersonal relationships.

·         LIFO (Management Skills). It shows how you will apply your managerial functions either individually or as a team; both in normal and stressful situations and in conjunction with the attitude that they will show when interacting with other people.

·         IPV (General Provision for sale). The Personality Inventory for Sellers is an instrument that allows to evaluate, on the one hand, the general disposition for the sale and, on the other, to build an individual personality profile based on the dimensions that play a relevant role in less or greater measures in commercial professions.

·         16 (PFA Personality Traits). 16 Personality Traits to describe and explain the individual differences between the personalities of individuals.

Advantages of hiring our Psychometric Exams Application Services:

·         The applications are online, however it is possible that they are applied in our facilities in a personal way to ensure the veracity of the results.

·         System friendliness and security.

·         Agile delivery of results and with easy-understanding reports, enough for decision making.

·         High effectiveness and reliability in predictivity.

·         Minimize the number of personnel in your recruiting area, as well as optimize costs for your company.

·         Reduce costs by eliminating investment in specialized psychometric software.

·         Get the benefit of the peace of mind that the selection process is being managed by a highly qualified team with more than 23 years of experience performing psychometric batteries.

Integrity Test / Psychometric Reliability Test:

·         As an additional complement to our specialized psychometric tests, we also have the independent application of the internationally recognized Integrity test. This test is designed to measure the ethics and integrity of candidates and employees, in order to alert them to risky personal inclinations before they represent a problem for the company. This integrity test was developed in Israel by the human resources consultancy made up of outstanding occupational and clinical psychologists. In this way, we consider it important that it be part of our offer of specialized psychometric services for our clients.

Our teams of expert psychologists and recruiters aim to support your company in optimizing its induction and decision-making processes regarding everything related to its talent and human capital. Discover behavioral styles, personality types, level of honesty, intelligence, job competencies and more in your employees or candidates. Do not hesitate to look for our team of outsourcing experts in Mexico to support you in whatever you need.