We are experts in human capital management so that our clients can concentrate on the development of their business strategy.

We have a wide variety of services, offering tailored solutions according to your needs.


Human Resources

I Consultancy in the management of Human Capital

Based on an in-depth analysis of the direction of your business and the nature of the position you are seeking to fill, Soluciones Creativas advises you on:

-The type of profile of your collaborators

-The range of economic remuneration according to the position.

I I Recruitment

We make sure to find the right person that fits perfectly with the culture and values ​​of your company.

The search process is tailored to your needs.

We assemble the candidates’ files exhaustively.

We have a wide database of candidates.

We have a high-tech platform to administer and receive candidate profiles.

Search methods customized

to our clients needs

We build the files of the

candidates exhaustively.

We have a large database of candidates.

We build the files of the

candidates exhaustively.

I I I Administration


We offer a complete human capital management service, in which we serve solidarity patterns for your collaborators and strategic partners for you, which includes:

-Calculation and dispersion of payroll.

-Management of legal rights and obligations (payments to Social Security, tax payments, among others).

-Credit on payroll.


-Assessment and litigation in fiscal, administrative and social security matters.



We keep ourselves informed and updated with each of the regulations and updates of the tax reform in order to be your trusted advisors and help you act with transparency.


We offer tax and accounting advice.


-Management of taxes (calculation, payment, refund, annual declarations)

-Application of stimuli and tax credits.

-Elaboration and interpretation of financial statements.

-Policies capture of monthly income and expenses.

Credit Score

We are convinced that owning the best tools for making all business decisions is essential for a trustworthy and financial operation. Our product Credit Score or Risk Level, supports those companies that want their supply chain to be a VALUED chain.

Financial analysis with a structural and graphic overview through risk indicators.

  • Evaluation of the financial performance of the company for the last 3 years.
  • Calculation and interpretation of financial ratios of liquidity, leverage and profitability.
  • Determination of the level of risk generated by our models; qualified in Low, Medium and High.
  • Evolution of the risk level regarding the previous year.


Competitive advantages

I RH in the cloud

At Soluciones Creativas we want to help you achieve your goals with excellence and speed, that’s why we have designed a system in the cloud that helps you optimize your processes.


Through it, you can:

Check our movements in real time: payments to Social Security, payroll dispersion, invoices, tax payments, among others.

Your collaborators will also benefit from this system, they will be able to:

– Consult and update your file.

– Consult and print payroll receipts.

– Apply for loans.

– Download relevant documents.

I I Financial Strength

With Soluciones Creativas you can be sure that your resources are in good hands. We handle your money with prudence and care to ensure the welfare and economic stability of your employees at all times.

Meet the partners of Soluciones Creativas, with whom we collaborate to give you a better service.